Luck is on his side… an American wins two lottery jackpots worth $20 million in 3 years

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It seems that luck is on the side of a resident of the US state of Texas, Juan Hernandez, who won a lottery prize worth 10 million dollars.so For the second time in three years, “I’m still trying to spend the $10 million I won in 2019,” said the winner, who was born in New York State and lives in Hempstead, Texas.

Juan donated a portion of the prize money

He indicated that the first thing he did with the money he obtained, was to pay off the mortgage on his house in the first winning card, and he continued, “I donated to many people who lost their jobs during the epidemic, especially truck drivers, and I intend to continue donations with the second card.‘, according to RT.

Hernandez confirmed that he will donate the money of his second victory to people in need, as he said in statements to the “New York Lottery” website. : “Three grand prizes of $10 million were distributed,” noting that “there are winners who won the same prize multiple times within a short period of time, as a retired utility worker from Maryland won his second prize of $2 million in 2021.“.

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