4 ways to prevent the appearance of lines under the eyes .. the most important of which are facial exercises and exfoliation

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Environmental factors play an important role in how wrinkles and early fine lines appear on the face, and age helps the appearance of these lines, in addition to the fact that the skin loses its elasticity when exposed to sunlight for a long time, and to prevent wrinkles under the eyes, we review in this report Ways to prevent eye wrinkles, according to the website ” healthline “.

Causes of lines under the eyes:


Harmful UV rays break down collagen in the skin and collagen is the main protein in skin tissue.

Repetitive movements and expressions:

Facial expressions such as a smile and a frown can cause fine lines to appear on the face. Even sleeping habits can cause fine lines to appear.

Environmental factors:

Environmental factors such as dry weather, wind, and pollution can contribute to the appearance of lines and wrinkles under the eyes.

Ways to prevent lines under the eyes:

face exercises

Practicing facial exercises helps in tightening the skin and obtaining a bright and more vibrant complexion.

allergy treatment

Allergies cause inflammation around the eye and can also make the eye full of tears, so it is preferable to treat it, because the large number of tears contribute to rubbing or scratching under the eye, which causes dryness in the area under the eye.

Gently exfoliate

Dry skin that forms under the eyes can be gently exfoliated to promote the growth of new cells. It is preferable to use specially made products to exfoliate and massage the under-eye area daily, and under-eye massage.

Under-eye hydration:

The under-eye area should be moisturized with a moisturizing cream suitable for skin type, because the lack of moisture increases the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

lines under the eyes
Preventing the appearance of wrinkles
Preventing the appearance of wrinkles
Face exercises
face exercises


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