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Al-Subaihi clarifies about unemployment cases

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publish date 2022-03-04 12:44:09

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The former media spokesperson for the Social Security Corporation, Musa Al-Subaihi, explained that the Social Security Law defined the term unemployment as the situation in which the insured does not have an appropriate job opportunity despite his ability to work, desire and search for it, and also defined the unemployed as “the insured to whom the state of unemployment applies.” .

Al-Subaihi added in a post on his private Facebook page today, Friday, that he notes from the definition that the state of unemployment is difficult to prove, in terms of searching for appropriate work, and what is the definition of appropriate work for the unemployed insured, and what effort is expended and required of him in searching for work, as well as the desire to work which cannot be easily demonstrated.

And he indicated that the practical application in the guarantee proceeded to be satisfied with the end of the service of the insured with a certain facility, and his remaining for a certain period without work in order for him to be entitled to the unemployment allowance within the other conditions specified in the law.

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