Is there a relationship between eating meat and diabetes?

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Several studies have shown an association between eating processed or red meat and type 2 diabetes. According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, eating meat increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 22%. A recent review of three older studies also found that eating a serving of red meat daily increased the risk of developing diabetes within 4 years by 30%, in part due to weight gain.
However, nutrition science is still inconclusive as to the link between eating meat and diabetes.

It is possible that people who developed the disease had other risk factors, such as: genetic or environmental factors. Food behaviors may also have played a role, including eating too many refined carbohydrates, not eating enough vegetables, or constantly overeating.

Some observational studies show an association between red and processed or processed meat and an increased risk of diabetes. But there are other nutritional factors that influence the development of the disease.
Weight gain is one of the most important factors linked to the development of diabetes, and fatty meats may contribute to weight gain, but it depends on the size of the meals and the extent of overeating.
Other research has noted that white meat is less associated with weight gain. Other studies have also found that in prediabetes, limiting meat intake and relying on plant-based protein helps stop the development of diabetes.
Meat provides a rich composition of nutrients besides protein, the most important of which are: iron, B vitamins, especially B12, phosphorous, zinc, and selenium. They are essential nutrients for the body, some of which are only available in animal sources such as B12.
Nutrition experts advise avoiding processed meat as much as possible, eating white meat such as fish and poultry, balancing foods, and making sure that meals include sufficient quantities of vegetables.

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