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The 66th anniversary of the Arabization of the Arab Army leadership falls today

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publish date 2022-03-01 10:29:06

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On the first of March of each year, Jordanians celebrate the historic decision taken by His Majesty King Hussein, may God have mercy on him, to Arabize the leadership of the Jordanian Arab Army, and to relieve General Klopp of his post, in addition to the rest of the English leaders.

The decision to Arabize the leadership of the Arab army, which Al-Hussein took without looking at its results at that difficult time, was the beginning of the strong launch of the Arab army, inspired by the message of the Great Arab Revolt and the nobility of its message, and on the basis of science and knowledge and keeping pace with military sciences and technology. The Arab Army to build their national military institution, which has become an example to be followed, and a beacon to all Arabs, with its peerless global reputation.

The Arabization of the leadership of the Arab army is the story of a homeland and the courage of a leader, their counterpart in an era that witnessed pivotal moments in the life of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The foundation of the state and the secret of its strength.

The late Hussein bin Talal realized, with his patriotic sense and his foresight, that it is impossible for the Arab army to develop or advance as long as its leadership is not from its loyal sons, and that it cannot occupy a prominent position Arab and international, unless it gets rid of its foreign leadership that has no concern. There is nothing to do with arming him, training him and developing the capabilities of his affiliates, and he has worked since the first hours of his accession to the throne to think of replacing the foreign leadership with an Arab one that is working on developing, modernizing and training it according to the best international standards for advanced armies, so that his sons write after that, his honorable history with their great heroism, and their massive sacrifices on the land of Palestine. and other Arab land, and in various parts of the world as a messenger of love and peace.

On the first of March 1956, corresponding to Thursday in particular, the late His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal, may his soul rest in peace, made his historic decision to Arabize the army command and relieve General Klopp of his post, in addition to the rest of the English leaders.

Al-Hussein, may God have mercy on him, had his clear fingerprints in completing the sovereign decision of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan when he said: “The public opinion was ignorant that the issue of removing Klopp from his position was completely a Jordanian issue; Because Klopp was commander-in-chief of the Jordanian Arab Army, and he was working for my government.”

The decision to Arabize the leadership of the Jordanian Arab Army, which was taken by His Majesty the late King Hussein bin Talal, may God rest his soul, with all courage and power, gave the sons of the nation the honor of leading the Arab army, and is considered a cornerstone for assuming the responsibility of the military leadership, and for creating leaders from among the sons of the country. The faithful, they rose to the highest positions, raising the banners of victory and glory, and they continued to fail high, shining like the brightness of the sun, shining with their pure blood, perfumed with the soil of the homeland, carrying the Hashemite flag fluttering in defense of the homeland and the nation’s issues.

His Majesty the late late took the bold, historic national decision to Arabize the leadership of the army and rid it of foreign dependence, without caring about the consequences of this decision, with all courage, and he dedicated himself and his sons to building the glory of Jordan, serving its Arab and Islamic nation, and championing its causes, bearing his nationalist message, and keeping in mind the interest of his country, people and nation. , to bring the overwhelming joy to the foreheads of the entire large Jordanian family.

(A copy of Cabinet Resolution No. 198, which stipulates the termination of Glubb Pasha’s service from the position of Chief of Staff in the Jordanian Arab Army, and the promotion of Chief Radi Annab to the rank of Major General and his appointment to the post of Chief of Staff of the Jordanian Arab Army. Royal Documentation Center)

Arabization is a bold step that opened wide horizons for the nation to free itself from dependence and colonialism. History reminds that on the morning of February 29, 1956, His Majesty King Hussein, may his soul rest in peace, arrived at the Royal Court at an early hour, wearing his military uniform and with his eyes ready, motivated and defiant of time, to meet that day the Chief of Staff. His Majesty spoke with clarification from him about his opinion on the Arabization of the leadership of the Jordanian Arab army, and Klopp’s response was that this issue is not easy.

His Majesty says in his book (My Profession as King): “As I was a servant of the people, I had to give the Jordanians more responsibilities, and it was also my duty to strengthen their self-confidence and instill in their minds the spirit of dignity and national pride to enhance their conviction in the future of Jordan and its role in the great Arab world. The conditions were appropriate to give them a more important place in the management and administration of their country’s affairs, especially the army. But although Klopp was commander-in-chief of the army, he could not forget his devotion and loyalty to England; This explains London’s control over our military affairs, and I repeatedly asked the British to train more Jordanian officers who could rise to the higher ranks, and the British were ignoring my demands.”

These accumulations aroused the wrath of His Majesty the King and increased his insistence on ending the services of the English command in any way, and that this matter must be achieved at all costs, as soon as possible and without retreat. His Majesty was fully aware of what the English leadership was planning about abandoning this to Jordanian officers and when it could be. You think about it.

Al-Hussein – may God have mercy on him – made the decision, and it was the decision, which His Majesty the late His Majesty thought about since he was a student and decided to put an end to Klopp and his interventions by ending his services. It relieved the Jordanians of great concern, and strengthened their confidence in their young leader and his judgment, wisdom and far-sightedness.

His Majesty wrote in the pages of history a blessed and bold step and a resounding decision at home and abroad, thus marking the end of suffering and the birth of the future.

On the morning of Thursday, March 1, 1956, His Majesty the late King Hussein, may God rest his soul, issued his order to the President of the Royal Court, and his desire to hold a session of the Council of Ministers, chaired by him, and he implemented the royal order immediately, to end the Royal Council of Ministers session by issuing a decision bearing the number (198) in which it was decided to terminate the service of Lieutenant-General Klopp from the position of Chief of Staff of the Jordanian Arab Army and to raise the leader, Radi Hassan Annab, from the sons of the Jordanian Arab Army, to the rank of Major General and appoint him to the position of Chief of Staff of the Jordanian Arab Army; To be the first Jordanian military commander to take command of the Jordanian Arab Army’s staff after the dismissal of the English general Klopp.

At 7:30 a.m. on Friday, March 2, 1956, the Jordanian radio reported the news of His Majesty King Hussein’s bold move, which no one expected. Al-Atheer carried the voice of the late King Hussein, carrying the glad tidings in strong and clear tones in a short speech that read:

“O valiant officers and soldiers, I greet you wherever you are and wherever you find officers, guards, soldiers, and after. By you order and obedience, and you, O loyal people, congratulations to you your victorious army, which gave itself for the sake of the homeland and dedicated its soul to pay the ordinary things for you, drawing from our history the spirit of sacrifice and redemption and drawing the approach of the mechanism in making the word of God supreme. .

The results of the Arabization of the leadership of the Arab army

Al-Hussein’s decision was a purely sovereign decision, and it is considered a step on the right track for Jordan’s independence from foreign influence, an important turning point in the modern history of the Arabs, and a strong motivation for Jordan to defend its independence, dignity and freedom. The prestige of the army and the nation by owning its freedom, and making its decisions, away from the threats and pressures that were being exercised against it, and it gave the people of the country the opportunity to assume responsibility and train in the military leadership and create leaders from the sons of Jordan.

The move to Arabize the leadership of the Arab Army also led to the employment of all its capabilities and capabilities to serve the security of the homeland, preserve its rights, and preserve its soil and its gains. The decision also enabled its maker, His Majesty the late King Hussein, to build a modern military institution characterized by discipline and the participation of the armed forces in development plans, nation building, and the active participation of his army in Rafd. The process of building and giving and contributing to building the capabilities of his sons and qualifying them in various fields of work to be truly as Hussein wanted them and for them he made his historic decision.

This army contributed to the stability of many Arab and international countries and was able to build strong ties with the armies of the region through peacekeeping forces, the exchange of experiences, and the opening of training schools for all types and higher military institutes that qualified the officers and members of this army to be at the forefront always and as Al-Hussein wanted them – may God have mercy on him. Who is their supreme leader, the comfort of their eyes, their hope, the maker of their glory, and the symbol of this nation and this army.

It can be said that the Arabization of the army leadership was truly a jewel that adorned the forehead of all Jordanians, and instilled in the Jordanian society and the military family the slogan of belief in God, then belonging to the homeland, sincerity and loyalty to our Hashemite leadership.

Arabization established a constitution of military honor that became a message, a title, and an identity that adorned the chests of the young men and women who swore by God Almighty to be faithful to the homeland and the king, and to preserve the constitution and the laws and regulations in force with honor and honesty. It is to defend Jordan, preserve its independence, and protect legitimacy in it. They are always obsessed with its security and stability. They sacrifice their lives and blood for the sake of the freedom and dignity of its people, always in harmony with their Arab and Islamic identity.

“Your hands, Hussein,” echoed the decision as it was received by the free sons of the nation, and in the footsteps of His Majesty the late late King Hussein bin Talal, may his soul rest in peace, His Majesty King Abdullah II walked, may God protect him, and since his accession to the throne on June 7, 1999 and has remained committed Following the approach of his father, King Hussein, may his soul rest in peace, and since that date, our Jordanian armed forces have received the greatest attention in terms of armament, training and rehabilitation, as the armed forces witnessed great development in various types of weapons, and the Arab Army received most of its attention and care, as it was provided with various advanced weapons and devices.

The Arab Army, thanks to the bold step of Al-Hussein – may God have mercy on him – and the great efforts of His Majesty, was able to sit at the top of excellence and professionalism. Studies and research in the fields of defense and security in the world, which makes us proud of his achievements since the Arabization of his leadership and to the moment when the Arab army, during the reign of His Majesty King Abdullah II, reached the ranks of advanced armies in preparation and arming; This should be proportional to the nature of the threat, regardless of its source, level and size.

During the reign of His Majesty, the Arab Army witnessed a restructuring of its various types, and a comprehensive strategic review to raise the level of performance and face all circumstances, possibilities, challenges, threats and variables that the world is witnessing around us, and for the armed forces to be an electronic, dynamic and advanced army, and a modern, flexible army capable of absorbing all new in the field of military sciences. And martial arts, training and the highest levels of qualification, and opening more joint cooperation relations with the armies of the world in terms of joint exercises and international alliances against extremism and terrorism, strengthening the capabilities of the Arab Army in the fields of manufacturing, development and modernization, and opening leading centers in the fields of training, education and qualification to reach the meanings of professionalism and excellence in everything Wirno performs it to reach it to fit the responsibilities placed on it and to keep up with these forces everything new in the field of preparation and training until our armed forces became a model to be followed in sacrifice, bravery, giving and giving.

In line with the national role of the Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army, His Majesty King Abdullah II handed over on the ninth of June of 2015, the Hashemite banner to the Jordanian Armed Forces, to join this glorious banner to the banners and flags of the Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army, during a solemn military ceremony In the courtyard of the Husseiniya Palace.

The banner, with its Hashemite symbolism and religious, historical, and military significance, is the natural extension of the banner of the Great Arab Revolt, which embraced the colors of the banners of Islamic civilization, the Jordanian flag, and the flags and banners of the Arab army, full of a long history that links the present with the past, and is passed on to generations as a symbol of life, sovereignty and independence, and an embodiment of freedom, courage and chivalry. The title of glory and pride, carried by the sons of the chosen Arab army in the battlefields, as they carried the lofty principles of the message of Islam and the Great Arab Revolution, generation after generation, in the service of the homeland and a commitment to history and to preserve legitimacy and achievement and to achieve the meanings of Arabization wanted by Hussein, may God have mercy on him.

His Majesty King Abdullah II handed the flag of His Majesty the Supreme Commander as the highest military honor in the Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army to a number of formations, units and directorates of the Arab Army, in honor of the courage shown by the members of these units and the sacrifices and services they make to the homeland and the citizen.

Proceeding from the authentic message of the Hashemite Arab Army, the stand of the neighbor was with the neighbor. In the past years, the border guards and across the Kingdom’s borders have received refugees who crossed its eastern and northern borders, including children, the elderly, women and the youth. The Jordanian soldier, with his noble morals and noble qualities, did not hesitate to wipe the tears of a child with his hands. And the rescue of the helpless, and the assistance of an elderly sheikh, and women who are tired of walking, fatigue, illness and wounds, and here the history of the Arab army’s fighters recorded a humanitarian position that is added to the balance of their reputation, their good culture and their manliness, and their loyalty to their Hashemite leadership, and the world will not forget those pictures taken by the lenses of media cameras and the Jordanian soldier pays With his life and blood to save a child, a man or a woman.

The sons of the Jordanian Armed Forces, while they are observing the shadows of the memory of the Arabization of the leadership of the Arab army, are praying to the Almighty to include His Majesty the late King Hussein bin Talal, God willing, with the vastness of his mercy and pleasure. And they pledge to his supreme leader, His Majesty King Abdullah II, that they will remain the shield of the nation and its hope in defending truth and preserving dignity, working with all their strength and determination in order to preserve the security and stability of the homeland, loyal soldiers and strong men, walking on the same path and the same path, asking the Almighty, the Almighty. For His Majesty the Supreme Leader to preserve a bond and an asset for the Arab and Islamic nations, and to perpetuate the blessing of security and safety on the homeland, for he is the best Lord and the best supporter.

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