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Teachers protest in front of the “Education” after being refused entry to the ministry (witness)

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publish date 2022-03-01 15:14:10

On Tuesday afternoon, a number of teachers staged a protest in front of the Ministry of Education, after they were prevented from entering the ministry as part of the ongoing reviews to discuss the file of teachers referred to early retirement and deposition.

Teachers who participated in the vigil confirmed that during their review of the ministry, they were surprised that the doors were closed in front of them and prevented from entering, while describing the ministry’s surroundings as a “military barracks.”

The teachers’ review of the Ministry of Education came about two weeks after they received a pledge from the Ministry’s Secretary-General to discuss the file of those referred for early retirement and deposition, without progress in the file.

The participants in the vigil expressed their disapproval of the way in which the Ministry of Education deals with them by closing the doors of dialogue and listening to their demands, stressing the need for the state to solve this problem, which affected many people with limited income.

Earlier, a group of teachers, Deputy Head of the Teachers Syndicate, Nasser Al-Nawasra, protested inside the corridors of the ministry to obtain guarantees to guarantee the return of those referred for early retirement and deposition, as they obtained promises to solve this problem, but they have not yet been implemented.


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