Al-Hussein Irbid announces the arrival of his Cameroonian professional, Haman

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publish date 2022-02-28 21:49:08

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Al-Hussein Irbid Club officially confirmed the arrival of its Cameroonian professional, Jack Hamann, to the city of Irbid today, Monday, in preparation for undergoing a medical examination, signing with him, and joining the team.

Professional Haman occupies the position of the outright striker, knowing that he was late in arriving in the Kingdom, due to the completion of official transactions related to his recruitment to the Kingdom.

Al-Hussein Irbid Club announced, earlier, the contract with Haman for a full season, and to be the second foreign professional after Malawi’s first defender, Shazia.

It is noteworthy that the national captain, Amjad Abu Taima, is the one who takes over the technical management of Al-Hussein Irbid team, and the team, during its first match in the shield, tied with Aqaba without goals.

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