Abu Taima: The ranks of Hussein Irbid are not complete

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publish date 2022-02-28 22:26:13

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The coach of Al Hussein Irbid team, Captain Amjad Abu Taima, considered that the ranks of his team are not complete yet, and that his team suffers from many absences.

Abu Taima added that the most prominent of these absences lies in the offensive line, indicating that the team is waiting for the registration of its foreign professional players and some of its professional players in the coming days.

And about the Al-Sareeh match scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, within the Federation Shield Championship, scheduled for Prince Mohammed Stadium in the city of Zarqa at exactly three o’clock in the afternoon, he said that his team’s goal is to achieve victory and improve performance.

Today, Monday, Al-Hussein Irbid announced the arrival of his professional, Cameroonian striker, Haman Jacques.

It is reported that Al-Hussein Irbid team has completed many local professional deals, in addition to its foreign professionals, Shazieh and Haman, in order to strengthen and build the team in preparation for the upcoming competitions.

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