3 tricks to teach your child the importance of keeping secrets according to his age.. “Start with yourself”

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The child’s disrespect for secrets and their disclosure without care is a problem that many parents face with their children, as there are those who exploit children to learn the secrets of homes, noting likewise “know their secrets from their young ones,” as Dr. Salma Abu Al-Yazid, a mental health consultant, explained in her speech to “The Seventh Day” that the child The young child does not pass on secrets because he does not do this act intentionally or knowingly, but the biggest mistake lies in the older person who receives the child to know the news and secrets of the inner houses, as I explained the correct way with the child so that he does not pass on secrets again as follows:

Warning to the child

The mental health consultant added that the warning to the child should not be directly, so the parents should send the message indirectly to him by making a representative scene between you and his father by telling him something and reminding him that he should not tell anyone about it because it is a secret and what happens inside the house must not Anyone knows him, whoever he is, with an emphasis on the word “secret” and this action can be implemented if the child is between three to four years old.

child guidance

And the mental health consultant added that after the age of four, the child has realized the meaning of the words, so you must direct the information to him explicitly that he should not tell anyone anything that happens in the house, and in the event that someone asked him, he should not respond or tell him, “Ask Mama or Ask Papa.”

The mental health consultant added that after the age of seven, this habit is a way to gain attention resulting from lack of confidence and weak personality, so he takes this trick to feel his importance and find someone to listen to him.

Do not talk to him about private matters

To solve this problem, as the mental health consultant explained, is for parents to be a good role model for their children, and not to interfere in adult matters while avoiding quarrels in front of them and involving them in matters older than their age, or speaking in front of them in private matters such as financial plans or crises and others, while improving your child’s behavior by directing them Increasing his self-confidence by taking his advice on some of his own matters in order to feel his worth.

She also stressed the need to establish religious principles and moral values ​​directly according to their age or by telling religious and moral stories.

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secrets revealed
secrets revealed


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