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A government employee was imprisoned for 5 years and fined 1.5 million dinars for embezzling barley

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publish date 2022-02-28 19:07:32

The third judicial body, which is competent to look into corruption offenses at the Amman Court of First Instance, convicted a government employee working as a warehouse keeper of embezzling more than 3,400 tons of barley, and decided to place him on temporary work and imprison him for 5 years, and fined him more than 1,400,000 dinars.

The court issued its decision, today, Monday, during a public session, chaired by Judge Ahmed Al-Omari, the membership of Judge Dr. Marzouk Al-Amoush, and the presence of the Public Prosecutor Mahmoud Al-Fraihat, and the ruling will be subject to appeal before the competent court.

The criminalization decision indicated that the employee was working as a warehouse keeper, responsible for the quantities of barley and distributing it as feed for citizens’ livestock according to the law and regulations followed in this process, but he embezzled 3,421 tons of the actual quantity in the warehouse.

The court decided to fine the convict an amount of 727,413 dinars and 290 fils, and to include in him the value of the barley that he embezzled, which amounted to 727,413 dinars and 290 fils, and the amount requested from him becomes one million and 450 thousand and 800 dinars.

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