The notables by majority approve the 2022 budget as received by the deputies

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publish date 2022-02-27 16:57:38

The Senate, by a majority, approved the two draft laws on the general budget and the budget of government units for the fiscal year 2022 as received by the House of Representatives, in preparation for their endorsement of the royal will, and their publication in the Official Gazette to start spending.

The notables, during a session this evening, Sunday, chaired by the Second Vice-President of the Council, Rajai Muasher, and the presence of the ministry body, approved the recommendations of his financial committee on the two draft budgets, which numbered 36, while the two eyes, Mustafa Al-Hamarneh and Ahmed Al-Hindawi, disagreed with the two budget bills.

At the beginning of its evening session, the parliament listened to the government’s response to the interventions of dignitaries, delivered by Finance Minister Muhammad Al-Assis, before the parliament began voting on the two laws, chapter by chapter, in accordance with the constitution (Article 112).

At the end of the session, Muasher stressed the importance of reconsidering government economic policies, and that financial and economic reforms do not affect the life of citizens, contribute to accelerating growth, and preserve the middle class. He called for reconsidering the laws related to investment and the need to unify the references and create a (one window), stressing the keenness of the Senate to cooperate and coordinate with the government in accordance with the constitution, to speed up achievement in various fields. He also thanked the brotherly and friendly countries for their support to Jordan, especially the Arab Gulf states.

The total estimated expenditure in the general budget is 10.6 billion dinars, and about 1.5 billion dinars are the expenditures of government units, while the revenues in the general budget are estimated at 8.9 billion dinars, and the revenues of government units are about 860 million dinars.

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