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On Saturday, the artist, Gala Fahmy, passed away at the age of 59.

Her brother, Mustafa Fahmy, announced the news of her death through his account on the “Facebook” platform, saying: “I moved to the mercy of God, my sister, Jala Fahmy.”

Gala Fahmy is the daughter of director Ashraf Fahmy. She obtained a “Bachelor of Arts” from the English Department in 1986, and worked on radio and television, in addition to her acting.

She began her artistic life at an early age, when she was still twelve years old, and then returned as a broadcaster for a radio program entitled “Tales of Rawya and Fikri”, and from there to television, then devoted herself to cinema and achieved success in a group of films that she presented with director Sherif Shaaban.

During the first half of her life, she lived in the city of “Santiago” in the State of Chile, and after that she lived with the family in Madrid (Spain) until she began to speak Spanish as the children of her country; Because her mother is a French literature graduate, it was natural for France to occupy a large part of her life. So she is also fluent in French, as her grandmother is a graduate of French schools and only speaks French at home.

Her culture varied between Arabic, Spanish, French and English, which helped her a lot, artistically and socially, in introducing her and trying to bring Eastern and Western cultures closer through her films and also through the festivals she attends in countries around the world.

Among her most famous films are: The First Time You Love My Heart, Jala Jala, Kalam Al-Layl, Tata’, Rika and Kazem Bey, Girls in Trouble, Love in Taba, Execution of a Judge, Qesht Al-Hilali, and Kid Al-Alam. And the series: Nights of the dream, and Alwasiya. Among the plays: Walaha and Shaalha. (the seventh day)

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