Morocco investigates the causes of the mass disappearance of bees from 23,000 hives

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publish date 2022-02-27 09:40:48

The Director of Plant and Animal Balance Protection at the National Office for Health Safety of Food Products in Morocco “ONSA”, Abderrahmane Al-Abraq, said that the phenomenon of the disappearance of bees in Morocco is not alarming.
Yesterday, Friday, during the symposium of the National Office for Health Safety for Food Products “ONSA” on the phenomenon of the collapse of bee colonies, Al-Abraq indicated that “the disappearance of bees from apiaries in some areas is a new phenomenon,” adding that “preliminary investigations have been ruled out.” be caused by a disease.”
Al-Abraq explained that “there are more than 36,000 beekeepers in Morocco who tend to 910,000 beehives,” stressing that “the diversity of the forest sector and the abundance of green spaces make Morocco a major settlement for bees,” noting that “Morocco produces 8,000 tons of honey annually, With an added value exceeding 822 million dirhams, up to the year 2019.”
The Director of Plant and Animal Balance Protection noted that the office had opened field investigations in 21 provinces, where more than 22,000 beehives were viewed, while he explained that “the province of Rashidiya is the most affected at the national level, followed by the province of Faqih Bensalah.”
According to “Onsa”, this phenomenon, also known as the “collapse of beehives”, was observed in other countries in Europe, America and Africa, noting that research and studies related to the causes of disappearance, linked the phenomenon to multiple causes, including those related to climatic conditions such as lack of rain, and environmental conditions as a lack of Pastures, conditions related to the health status of the beehives and the preventive methods used.

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