Anchor angers the audience after talking about the disruption of her vacation to Europe due to the Ukraine war

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Joy Behar, the co-presenter of the popular American program “The View”, sparked outrage on social media for her comment about the Russian attack on Ukraine, as she complained that this war might disrupt her planned European vacation, And thePresenter Joy Behar, 79, made the comments when the program discussed the Russian attack on Ukraine on Thursday..

According to Al Arabiya, the host of the program, Sonny Houston, was talking about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, before Bihar complained about her long-delayed travel plans to Italy amid the Corona virus pandemic..

Joy Behar

“It is estimated that 50,000 Ukrainians will be killed or injured, and this will be a starting point for a refugee crisis in Europe,” Houston said. “We are talking about 5 million people who will be displaced, it is sad.”

While Behar commented that she was “afraid” of what would happen in Western Europe due to the crisis, she added: “I wanted to go to Italy four years ago, and I was unable to do so because of the epidemic, and now this – in reference to the Russian attack.”

Bihar’s comment sparked a quick and violent reaction on the Internet and networking sites, and author and comedian Tim Young said in a tweet on “Twitter” – referring to Bihar – “She doesn’t care about people being killed in Ukraine, she only cares that this matter will hinder her journey.” to Italy”.


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