5 secrets you should hide from your mother-in-law .. “Your opinion of her cooking and her most prominent advice”

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Whether your mother-in-law is an angel or, as it is said, “mother-in-law is my uncle” in any case, there are some details that the mother-in-law should not know from both sides, because this relationship is very sensitive and can easily be ruined if it is not dealt with with special care and care. You do not reveal these five secrets to her, as explained by the human relations expert, Dr. Hala Al-Azab, in her interview with “The Seventh Day,” stressing that there are some secrets that must be completely hidden from the mother-in-law, as follows:

Unskilled in cooking food

The human relations expert said that all mothers like to think that they are skilled cooks, so if your mother-in-law’s cooking is not to your taste, you should keep your feelings to yourself, and not reveal it even to your partner even if he tells you to do so, and you should compliment her as much as possible.

Her advice is not helpful to you

All mothers have the habit of advising their children, as they are sure that their advice is good, so it is better not to tell them about it, and to agree with their opinion and then implement what you see fit in your way.


It may happen that your mother-in-law may feel talkative or talkative. Whatever the case, you should not be frank about how she talks or how much she talks because this hurts. You should also remember that she is your partner’s mother.

You love your mother-in-law and you love talking to her more than your mother

The human relations expert added that some people love spending time with their mother-in-law so much that they miss their mothers in those moments, and yet keep this a secret, even from her, because the words will reach your mother and spoil your relationship with her.

Privacy between you and your partner

Sharing means caring, but excessive sharing is a social stupidity. There are people who drift and say a lot of information and this ultimately leads to embarrassment, misunderstanding and even a violation of privacy if you have shared a secret between you and your partner, which may increase the tension between you if your mother-in-law uses it against you when angry.

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your mother-in-law
your mother-in-law


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