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Distribution of one million bags of waste in the areas of the Amman Municipality

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publish date 2022-02-26 20:32:54

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The Greater Amman Municipality plans to distribute about one million garbage bags throughout its areas, starting this morning and for a week, especially in areas of eastern Amman and densely populated places.

This morning, the Municipality implemented the initiative “distributing waste bags” to shops and within residential neighborhoods, as part of the activities of its program on Amman City Day, which falls on the second of next March.

The Deputy Director of Amman City for Regions and Environment Affairs, Eng. Hussam Al-Najdawi, said that the Amman Municipality, through the workers of the homeland, will distribute about one million bags of waste throughout its areas, starting this morning and for a week, especially in the densely populated areas of eastern Amman.

Al-Najdawi added that Amman City Day, on the second of March, is an opportunity to learn about the achievements of the Greater Amman Municipality in service in all its sectors, and to communicate with citizens through initiatives aimed at preserving the general appearance of the city.

He added that the distribution of waste bags is a gesture on this occasion that aims to reduce the indiscriminate throwing of waste, especially in places where waste mechanisms are difficult to reach, by securing them with bags and transporting them through home workers to containers.

Al-Najdawi pointed out that the Amman Municipality, and in celebration of Amman City Day, will launch a number of service, cultural, community and sports activities.

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