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17 Jordanians arrive in the Kingdom today from Budapest and Bucharest

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publish date 2022-02-27 11:36:30

Jordan News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs confirmed that today, Sunday, 8 people from Budapest will arrive in the Kingdom, in addition to 9 people coming from Bucharest, while one Jordanian arrived yesterday in the city of Aqaba.

According to the ministry, the number of Jordanians who crossed the borders from Ukraine towards Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Moldova reached 100. They were immediately dealt with by the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs present at the border points, and they were secured with basic needs, and the necessary consular documents were issued to those who needed them, And transportation was also secured by buses or through trains, for those who need adequate accommodation, in addition to securing them to airports to facilitate their return to the Kingdom.

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Jordan News

Source : اخبار الاردن

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