Common mistakes to avoid when cooking meat, vegetables and seafood

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In order to save time to complete cooking food, some women make common mistakes that cause them to lose the taste and smell of meat or vegetables or lose the benefit of seafood and vegetables. Therefore, “The Seventh Day” reviews with Chef Fatima Abdel Moneim some mistakes that should be stopped when cooking foods and vegetables.

Boil vegetables before cooking

A common mistake is to boil vegetables such as peas, okra and beans before cooking, as this loses their nutritional value

Cooking frozen chicken or meat

First, you should thaw frozen chicken or meat, wash it well in cold water, and then cook it in our favorite way.

Add plenty of salt and spices

Adding a lot of spices or salt will lose the food the required nutritional value and also the delicious taste Also, adding sugar a lot loses sweets or drinks the nutritional value, so it is necessary to add the appropriate amount to the food to get the desired result

Do not cook food over low heat

Food should be cooked over low heat to get tasty food and also to avoid burning food.

Throwing shrimp shells

Many people peel shrimp before cooking and get rid of the peel, and this is a mistake It is necessary to keep the crusts of the shrimp heads and benefit from them by making sea food soup or by grinding the peels and mixing them with spices, as they give a wonderful taste to soups, especially sea food soup.

Not cleaning shrimp properly

Not getting rid of the black strip or intestines in the back of the shrimp spoils the taste The shrimp must be cleaned with a knife, where the shrimp shell is slit from the back and we pull the black strip with the tip of the knife and wash the shrimp well with cold water.

Remove the skins when grilling shrimp

Removing the scales from the shrimp When grilling, the shrimp lose its shape and distinctive taste. It is better not to peel the shrimp and put it on skewers to facilitate grilling.

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frozen chicken
frozen chicken


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