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Renovating the furnishings of Al-Aqsa Mosque at the expense of the King

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publish date 2022-02-26 15:25:52

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Work has begun to renew the furnishings of the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Qibli Mosque in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, at the private expense of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the holder of the Hashemite custodianship of the Islamic and Christian holy places in Al-Quds Al-Sharif, as announced by the Head of the Royal Hashemite Court, Youssef Hassan Al-Issawi, Head of the Follow-up Committee for the Implementation of Initiatives of His Majesty the King, today, Saturday.

Al-Issawi also announced the launch of a royal initiative to furnish mosques in various regions of the Kingdom, within the framework of His Majesty’s keenness to take care of mosques, take care of them, maintain, equip and rebuild them.

This came during his sponsorship of the ceremony of handing over financial support to the beneficiaries of the royal honor allocated to imams and preachers who are about to get married, which was held in conjunction with the memorial of the Holy Isra and Mi’raj, at the King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque.

According to Al-Isawy, the first implementation of the initiative to furnish the mosques of the Kingdom, began with the furnishing of the Abu Nasir Grand Mosque, and it will be immediately followed by the start of the furnishing of the rest of the mosques, which are covered by the initiative, through cooperation and coordination between the Ministry of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, and the Department of Follow-up to the Implementation of Royal Initiatives in the Royal Hashemite Court.

The mosque furnishing initiative includes 76 mosques, distributed in different regions of the Kingdom, and was selected according to field studies in coordination with the Ministry of Endowments, Affairs and Islamic Sanctuaries, where the area to be furnished with carpets is 34,000 square meters, while the area to be furnished in the Dome of the Rock mosque. And the Al-Qibli Mosque with an area of ​​8,000 square meters, according to the highest specifications and quality standards.

His Majesty King Abdullah II pays attention to the Islamic and Christian sanctities in the city of Jerusalem, embodying the continuity of the historical Hashemite care for the city of Jerusalem and its sanctities, because of its prestige and prestige in other monotheistic religions. To preserve Islamic sanctities and monuments, to preserve their splendor, beauty and durability, and to establish the Hashemite Fund for the Reconstruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

Among the Hashemite reconstruction projects in Al-Aqsa Mosque during the reign of His Majesty King Abdullah II, is the reconstruction of the pulpit of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque “Salah Al-Din Pulpit” and the southern and eastern wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the restoration of artworks in the various facilities of the Dome of the Rock, as these decorative artistic facades are among the treasures The Islamic artistic achievement that dates back to the Umayyad era, including the restoration of the internal marble of the dome walls, the implementation of the project of the tension and connecting rods system for the walls of the Marwani prayer hall, the alarm system and fire extinguishing in the mosque, in addition to preserving the infrastructure and facilities. On the level of Christian holy sites, the Hashemite care has paid attention to the cradle of Jesus, peace be upon him, and the restoration of the Holy Sepulcher, where His Majesty the King donated, at his own expense, the restoration of the Holy Sepulcher in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

Since His Majesty King Abdullah II ascended the throne, he has continued the path of fathers and grandfathers, to reconstruct the mosques and shrines of the prophets, companions and martyrs in the Kingdom, where many projects have been completed in the maintenance and care of many mosques in the Kingdom, the most prominent of which are mosques and shrines: the Prophet Shuaib, the Prophet Yusha, the Prophet Harun and the Prophet Hood, the Prophet Noah, Hazir, the Cave of the Prophet Jesus, the shrine of Al-Khidr, and the companions: Abu Ubaidah Amer bin Al-Jarrah, Dirar bin Al-Azwar, Sharhabil bin Hasna, Amer bin Abi Waqqas, Muadh bin Jabal in the Jordan Valley, Al-Harith bin Omair Al-Azdi, Abu Dhar Al-Ghafari, Bilal bin Rabah, Abd al-Rahman ibn Awf, Zaid ibn al-Harith, Jaafar ibn Abi Talib, Abdullah ibn Rawahah, Maysarah ibn Masrouq al-Absi, and Abu al-Darda’, in addition to the location of the tree under which the Prophet Muhammad – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – shaded during his trade to the Levant in the Al-Baqi’awiya area. In Safawi, east of the Kingdom, and the development of the site of the people of the cave, and the site of the followers Abu Suleiman Al-Darani.

Al-Isawy said, in a speech during the ceremony, that “our meeting today coincides with the memory of the Noble Night Journey, which came according to a decree from the Lord of the worlds, to show people the great status of the master of creation and the seal of the prophets and messengers, our master Muhammad, the best of prayers and peace be upon him, and it was a sign of the generality of his message, And the humanity of his teachings, as well as the high status of Al-Aqsa Mosque among Muslims, and remind us of what the Greatest Prophet went through in terms of distress and hardship, and he defeated them with determination, patience and faith.”

Al-Isawy conveyed the greetings of His Majesty King Abdullah II to imams and preachers, and his great pride in the sincere efforts, and His Majesty’s keenness to take care of their affairs and enable them to carry out their glorious tasks in serving the houses of God, directing society towards good behavior, instilling noble morals and immunizing the nation’s children from intrusive and extremist ideas and malicious rumors.

He stressed the importance of the role of imams and preachers, who carry out their venerable responsibilities in advising and guiding, and promoting the values ​​of solidarity, compassion, piety and charity, and play their role in spreading the teachings of the true Islamic religion and its tolerant principles.

He pointed out that the message of imams and preachers, during their work, whether in the Ministry of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Sanctuaries or in the Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army and the security services, is a noble and important message in spreading the principles of moderation and promoting the spirit of belonging and giving and instilling the values ​​of tolerance, respect and love among people and calling for Virtuous morals, good habits and addressing dark ideas. Al-Isawy added that a translation of His Majesty’s interest in imams and preachers, this lofty royal initiative, which was launched in 2003, came with the aim of helping those who are about to marry, which is one of the ways of prophets and messengers. This lofty royal initiative embodies His Majesty’s pride and appreciation for the role and message you carry in the Serving Islam and Muslim issues and urging the application of the teachings of the true Islamic religion.

The royal grace comes to imams and preachers who are about to get married, from which 556 imams and preachers have benefited, since its launch until now, in appreciation of His Majesty the King for this category of people of the country, and for their important role in spreading the teachings of the Islamic religion, defending its tolerant image and its moderate principles, and out of respect for the great message that They perform it in the service of Islam and Muslims.

This initiative is also a continuation of His Majesty the King’s approach to consolidating the tolerant values ​​of Islam and highlighting its true image by supporting imams and preachers and enhancing their role in raising awareness, preaching and guidance, as they bear a great responsibility towards society in combating extremist ideology, and spreading the values ​​of tolerance, love, moderation and moderation that Urged by the Islamic religion.

For his part, the Minister of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, Dr. Muhammad Al-Khalayleh, said during the ceremony that the royal gift is a genuine Hashemite, embodying the great interest that His Majesty the King attaches to imams, preachers and callers in their various positions, in appreciation of their continuous efforts in carrying the message of Islam and consolidating its tolerant values.

He added that this honor, which aims to marry imams and preachers and help them establish good families, is added to a series of royal honors offered by His Majesty the King to his people in various fields.

Al-Khalayleh stressed that the efforts made by His Majesty the King to serve our true religion, through His Majesty’s donation to renew the carpets of the Al-Qibli Mosque and the honorable rock in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, is a clear evidence of the Hashemites’ care and concern for the holy places.

The imams and preachers gave a speech, Imam Anas Al-Husseini, who said that this royal honor contributed to creating the appropriate conditions and psychological comfort for imams and preachers, to carry out their duty in serving the religion and society.

And he indicated that the royal honor came to achieve the purposes of the wise Sharia in preserving the offspring, the soul and religion, and the preservation of life in its various aspects, pointing out that this honor reflects the interest of His Majesty the King and his keenness to help imams and preachers of young men who are about to marry, and to enable them to fulfill their mission in building a strong and cohesive society.

The ceremony of handing over the royal honor was attended by the Chief Justice, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, the Imam of the Hashemite presence, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, the Director-General of the Department of Jerusalem Endowments and Al-Aqsa Mosque Affairs, the Mufti of the Armed Forces and Public Security, and representatives of the relevant official authorities.

In a press statement to the Jordan News Agency (Petra), the Director-General of the Department of Jerusalem Endowments and Al-Aqsa Mosque Affairs, Sheikh Muhammad Azzam Al-Ahmad, praised His Majesty the King’s continuous efforts in caring for the affairs of Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, based on the Hashemite guardianship over them.

He pointed out that the renewal of the furniture of the Dome of the Rock and the Qibli Mosque in Al-Aqsa Mosque stems from an authentic Hashemite belief in the importance of this place and the need to preserve its Arab and Islamic identity.

After the ceremony ended, Al-Issawi visited, in the presence of Minister Al-Khalayleh, the imam of the Hashemite presence, Dr. Ahmed Al-Khalayleh and Sheikh Al-Khatib, the Abu Nasir Grand Mosque, which was carpeted, and toured the various facilities of the mosque, where he listened to a detailed explanation given by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, Dr. Abdullah Al-Aqeel, about the mechanisms for implementing this royal initiative.

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