Doctor: The condition of the eye reveals the conditions of other parts of the body

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publish date 2022-02-20 08:45:47

Dr. Dmitriy Dementiev, an ophthalmologist, declared that the eye, as they say, is the mirror of the soul, but few know that the eye is the mirror of the entire body.

In a television interview, the specialist points out that from the condition of the eye, the health status of other parts of the body can be determined. Noting that the eye is the first to detect a high level of cholesterol in the blood.

He says, “During the conversation with the other person, you can notice fatty deposits on the eyelids. If the level of cholesterol in the blood rises, it may cause a blockage in the blood vessels.”

He adds, and the appearance of a blue arc around the cornea of ​​the eye indicates a high level of cholesterol in the blood, especially in the elderly.

The specialist notes that diabetes causes early cataracts and the image becomes blurred. That is, the ophthalmologist can diagnose a person with diabetes and refer him to a specialist.

He adds, as the eye reflects all liver diseases, because it causes yellowing of the skin and sclera of the eye. When hepatitis, a large amount of bilirubin reaches the blood, and when a person wakes up in the morning and notices the yellowness of his eyes, he should immediately consult a doctor.

According to the specialist, a mark in the iris and sclera can indicate skin cancer, and in this case, the necessary examination should be carried out immediately before it is too late.

As for dry eyes, he adds, it indicates a lack of vitamin A, a lack of fresh air, and stress. Therefore, vitamin A tablets can be taken to compensate for the deficiency. Food containing omega-3 fatty acids and carrots should also be added to the diet.

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