Wafaa Bani Mustafa.. A journey rich in people’s love faces “the test of positions”

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publish date 2021-10-19 14:28:20

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Illustrated by: Nasser Al-Jaafari – Written by: Muhammad Al-Rantissi

The observer of the biography and career of lawyer Wafaa Bani Mustafa, especially with regard to her performance and positions through her success in 3 consecutive sessions in the House of Representatives (2010-2020), will not be surprised by her selection as Minister of State for Legal Affairs, in the government reshuffle made recently by Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh.

Umm Omar, who in 2010 was the youngest deputy in parliament, and the first Jordanian to head a parliamentary bloc twice, is considered one of the prominent figures in the public scene, and has a prominent role and influence on the level of legal opinions, legislation and political files in general, and women and youth issues and human rights issues, in addition to that Her opinion on many “hot issues” receives attention and follow-up at the state level and citizens who have made an intense impression of her during her parliamentary performance, at least, that she does not compliment or compromise in what she believes in and defends, and expresses her opinion professionally and clearly without paying attention to any accounts “less than the homeland” Whatever the influence of those account holders and the size of their sway.

Perhaps among the most prominent records of Wafaa Bani Mustafa, born in 1979, is that she came to the scene from the village of Souf in Jerash Governorate, with a success story that reflects ambition, efficiency and intelligence, and did not come within the considerations of bequeathing or utilizing and other “installation distortions”, because she imposed It is one of the most prominent and best legal and legislative references, and the most prominent knowledgeable in the affairs of the state and its policies.

Therefore, Bani Mustafa, who enters government positions for the first time, was the state’s choice at the stage of the file of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System, including fateful laws and constitutional amendments, to be the most acceptable and convincing figure among the various political, legislative and even popular currents, in marketing the entire file up to End approval.

On the other hand, Bani Mustafa also embodies an exceptional and vivid model for all Jordanian girls, through her success and rise story. Towards its goals with the weapon of science, knowledge and excellence, which makes even those who look at women inferior, to bow out of respect for them and their likes.

Umm Omar is now under the microscope, perhaps more than ever. Government positions have left many Jordanians with “sensitivity” towards joining figures they see as “patriotic” in the “spiral of positions” on the grounds that this shakes their image and status, especially if they feel (i.e. the Jordanians), that the position “changed and altered” the positions and performance of these personalities, unlike what they were accustomed to.

It is assumed that Wafaa Bani Mustafa is smarter than falling into that trap, and she is the one who possesses “positive savvy” enough and more, to read the scene from all its aspects and manage it in balance, and thus maintain a balance of love that people have for her without any harm, so that she comes out of “The Test” as she entered it..with all its prestige and elegance.

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