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The activities and movements of the Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, usually seem to be the focus of attention and attention of the Jordanians, who are happy to see in the image and performance of His Highness, a reflection of the path of Hashemite fathers and grandfathers, thus consolidating the strength of the relationship between the institution of governance and the people on the one hand, and preventing the ability of dreamers on the one hand. Vibrate or distort that relationship.

Leader Building Journey

The truth is that Prince Hussein has been under the microscope, since he assumed the throne in 2009, and this undoubtedly necessitates that the error is unacceptable and that every appearance of him, whatever its nature, should be carefully studied and in the smallest details and in all dimensions and directions, because the “position” is not a luxury and means What it means for the country, its future, its people, and what is beyond the borders of the Kingdom as well, especially since His Highness is still in the prime of life, and there is a process of building a personality, and the leader thought that he should engage with her without stopping.

Calculated jump

Observing the Prince’s activity over all those years, he has noticed in recent times what can be called a “leap”, as the moves have become broader and in more than one direction, and some of them bear the nature of heat, especially the file of the economy and investment, which is a thorny file and is still difficult for the government and its channels. Therefore, it seems that His Highness has already begun to work to lift this heavy burden, especially since its staying in its place like a corpse on the ground means a further decline in economic conditions, and inevitably the standard of living for Jordanians, which has become more of a concern than ever before for those who read it in the context of influencing the The entire formal system and from A to Z.

Adventure or confrontation?

Some may consider the emir’s involvement in a complex file such as “investment”, in which there is some adventure that could have been overlooked, but from another point of view, this may be “a confrontation in its required place and time,” noting that it is not excluded that it was previously Involvement in the file there are guarantees that some kind of progress will be made.

What cannot be skipped in reading the Crown Prince’s movements is the social and human movement, as the prince’s activity in the societal environment intensified with all its incubators, and with all its dimensions in Jordanian customs in general, and clans in particular, so this type of activities Throughout the relationship between the institution of governance and the people, it has become a well-established approach within what morals and necessities impose together, and at the same time pushes the emergence of the prince as “the son of a simple Jordanian environment,” as was evident in the matter of his recent promotion.

A few days ago, the rhythm of Al-Hussein’s appearance was more vibrant in the hearts of Jordanians, as they watched His Majesty the King give him the rank of promotion to the middle rank of “captain” in the Jordanian Armed Forces. ), and the scenes that followed, including the appearance of Her Majesty the Queen in a video clip receiving His Majesty the King and the Crown Prince with the simple joy of a mother over her son’s promotion, as well as His Highness’s publication of a picture on “Instagram”, which included the army commander’s congratulations to him in a message that reaches all those who have been promoted.

zero-distance clash

The place is not enough here, to enumerate the activities of a social and humanitarian nature of the Emir, but all of them reflect His Highness’s interest in an approach that closely links with Jordanians in their joy, sadness, satisfaction and concerns, and from “zero distance” and not from an ivory tower, and this is also reflected in Hussein’s interest in youth issues in all governorates The Kingdom, and perceive their needs and challenges, as well as support the distinguished in the world of innovation, leadership and creative ideas.

careful external presence

On the Arab and international levels, the Emir is “cooking” his role on a quiet fire, as his rise in the external file is witnessing careful and careful progress, a file fraught with many political and diplomatic risks that need to expand experience more and more, and thus expand the role far beyond.

And speaking of the external role, here is what Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi published on his Twitter page, following his recent meeting with the Crown Prince. On Egypt for the first time… I sensed from His Highness the Emir the spirit of promising youth who is familiar with the nation’s contemporary issues and ways to address them.”

Hussein is not a son but a leader

Al-Hussein strives to present his project to the people, with successive moves, knowing that his country is still beset by internal and external crises, and there are heavy files that transcend decades and generations, that do not start with the difficult state of the economy and do not end with a blazing region, as long as its fire and smoke extend to the edges of its borders and cross them often. In sum, the Crown Prince, with his proven and proven wisdom, efficiency and tenderness, is proceeding in his national role in the best and most difficult circumstances, benefiting from the balance of love and wide acceptance. In the back garden there is a king and a queen following the details of the details because Hussein is not only a son .. but a “leader.”

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