Rayan’s tragedy is repeated.. the death of the child “Haidar” 3 days after he fell into a well (video)

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publish date 2022-02-18 11:07:18

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The Afghan authorities announced the death of the Afghan child Haider, 3 days after he fell into the dark well, exactly as the Moroccan child Ryan experienced.

Rescuers who worked through the night Thursday and Friday, trying to reach the 5-year-old boy, failed, after he was stuck in a deep and dry well in southeastern Afghanistan since Tuesday.

The rugged, rocky ground also hindered their advance, a police source said.

On Tuesday, the Afghan child Haider fell to the bottom of this earthen well in the village of Shukak in the province of Zabul, 400 km southwest of the capital, Kabul.

Zabul police spokesman Zabihullah Jawhar told AFP that the rescue operation continued throughout the night, adding that the rescue team encountered a new obstacle: a rock that prevented it from digging deeper.

He also said at the time that the team feared that the boy would fall into dust and likely lose him, so they worked very carefully.

While Hajj Abdul Hadi, Haider’s grandfather, revealed that the child fell into the hole while trying to help two adults dig a new well in this drought-stricken village.

Official sources said that the child slipped into this well, which is 25 meters deep, and then was pulled by a rope to a depth of about 10 meters, where he was suspended.

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