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For the first time, the Jordanian Professional League this year witnessed the establishment of a draw for the home matches and the return matches, which the Football Association said came to provide the greatest degree of justice in arranging matches for each team, and also comes within the framework of the union’s efforts to develop its championships and enhance its main standards.

The draw resulted in exciting confrontations since the start of the first week of the championship on April 8, where Al-Ramtha – the defending champion – will face his Al-Faisaly counterpart, Al-Salt will meet Al-Wehdat, Al-Hussein will meet with the Youth of Jordan, Al-Jazeera with the Youth of Aqaba, Al-Sareeh and Maan, and Sahab with Mugheer Sarhan.

While the confrontations of the 11th and final week of the first leg will see Al-Wehdat meet with Al-Jazeera, Sahab with Ramtha, Shabab Al-Urdun with Al-Sareeh, Shabab Al-Aqaba with Al-Hussein, Al-Salt with Mughir Al-Sarhan, and Maan with Al-Faisaly.

With the start of the return phase in the 12th week, Al-Sareeh will meet with Al-Salt, Al-Wihdat with Al-Jazeera, Ramtha with Sahab, Al-Faisali with the youth of Aqaba, Al-Hussein with the youth of Jordan, and Maan with Mugheer Al-Sarhan.

The championship competitions conclude in the 22nd week with the confrontation of Al-Jazeera and Al-Faisaly, Ma’an with Al-Sareeh, Sahab with Al-Hussein, Shabab Aqaba with Ramtha, Al-Wehdat with Mughir Al-Sarhan, and Shabab Al-Jordan with Al-Salt.

The new system, according to the Football Association, aims to give each team two opportunities to arrange its match schedule during the league championship, so that the first-leg matches will not be repeated during the return stage, but each club will have the opportunity to arrange a new arrangement in the second stage of the tournament, in order to achieve justice in the sequence of matches. .

The Football Association also took into account, during the drawing of the draw for the two tournaments and the issuance of the match schedule, the achievement of several main criteria, foremost of which is providing the principle of justice in arranging the match schedule, dates and places of residence, in addition to dealing with the limited stadiums approved to host professional competitions.

During the coming period, the Competitions Committee will issue the schedule of the championship matches, taking into account its dates and days, to ensure the attendance of the largest possible number of fans, by holding meetings at the weekend, and in late hours following the end of the official working hours for employees and students, and holding only one match per day, during the blessed month of Ramadan, Taking into account also, scheduling the postponed matches of Al-Wehdat fairly, after completing its participation in the group stage of the AFC Champions League 2022.

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