What are the causes of back pain?

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publish date 2022-02-07 20:02:36

According to researchers, every adult in the world faces severe back pain during his life, and suddenly appears pain in the neck, back and lower back, which is one of the main causes of disability in the age group up to 45 years. Only 20% of those with these problems seek medical help. The phrase “maybe it will pass on its own” is often used.

And often many suffer from inflammation in the back, so many people warm this area until the inflammation is gone, until it may develop with the passage of time and its treatment will be long.

About these problems, the head of the department of rheumatology at Clinical Hospital No. 52 in Moscow, Alina Zagrebneva, spoke, saying: “If the patient has inflammatory pains in the back, then the cold is much worse for him than the heat. After visiting the bath, sauna, or if he is tied with a fleece blanket, it becomes a little easier for him. But on the other hand, if the patient is now in a period of acute inflammation, then any heating measures can lead to the opposite effect, the blood flow at the site of inflammation will improve significantly, and the state of health may deteriorate. But usually the heating procedure leads to an improvement in the patient’s condition.”

Zagrebneva added: “There are many new ways to diagnose problems that cause pain and to “point the point” to treat them. Primary attention should be directed to making an accurate diagnosis in order to differentiate pain from inflammation from pain caused by mechanical damage to the spine.”

She continued, “When a patient has any problems with the spine, it is very important to understand the characteristics of the pain syndrome. For example, you feel pain in the cervical spine and adjacent muscles. This may be due to muscular tension syndrome, when near the site of tension of inflammation, to perform the function that the cervical spine cannot or does not want to do, there are many causes that can cause pain, we need to determine the type of pain we are talking about Inflammation is characterized as a specific pain syndrome, which is easy to identify.


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