10 different ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family… “Valentine’s is not just for lovers”

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Some think that Valentine’s Day is chocolate, with a bouquet of flowers on a candlelit table for two, and although the feeling is fun but why not make it a special day for all your loved ones and celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family? In order to implement this idea on Valentine’s Day, we have collected a list of ideas that make you celebrate Valentine with your family, and human relations and etiquette expert Dr. Hala Al-Azab presented to “The Seventh Day” more than one idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day as follows:

Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our family:

  1. You can give gifts to your family members, even if it’s as simple as a candy for your children, or a book or a toy that someone asked for and was delayed earlier.
  2. Exchange greeting cards among family members, and write a wish that you would like to make this year.
  3. Prepare for a day different from the rest of the routine, by going out or preparing a movie and a snack that can be eaten while watching the movie.
  4. You can make your family’s favorite candy by cooperating together.
  5. You can spend a different day with your family outside the house by booking a hotel or club and spend a different and enjoyable day.
  6. Expressing love to your family members. Because of your constant preoccupation with work, it is possible that you forget to express your good feelings towards everyone in the family, and this is a good time to renew the energy of love.
  7. You can celebrate with your family a fun, different and enjoyable evening, by enjoying playing songs and dancing together.
  8. It is possible to agree with your family members on a specific date for you to meet after each of you prepares a gift made by his hand for the family members, and you enjoy opening these gifts together.
  9. You can plant some plants and name them after family members and set a schedule for each person to take care of those plants on his appointed day.
  10. Let your children decide the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make the day the most special, embrace and participate in whatever they choose, that makes them happy to have a say in Valentine’s Day ideas for their family and you will enjoy creating memories that everyone will cherish.

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St. Valentine's day
St. Valentine’s day


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