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The judges open fire on Al-Khasawneh..and reveals his control over Al-Rai newspaper

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publish date 2022-02-07 12:28:59

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A member of the Journalists Syndicate Council, Khaled Al-Qudah, revealed what can be described as “blatant interventions” by Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh in Al-Rai newspaper.

Al-Qudah said in statements to “Mazaj FM” radio, today, Monday, that Al-Khasawneh is considered the prime minister the most interfering in the work of Al-Rai newspaper and what is published in it, calling for the government to stop the newspaper.

The judges accused al-Khasawneh of working to appoint the newspaper’s leaders to “parachute” and based on their personal relationship with him, whether in editorial or management, despite their lack of competence and ability to lead the newspaper, which is beset by several crises.

The judges held Al-Khasawneh responsible for the protests witnessed by the newspaper, saying that what is happening is a direct message to the Prime Minister, before it is a message to any other party.

According to the judges, “The opinion has become a mouthpiece for the government and fears for Al-Khasawneh more than it fears for itself, so the newspaper retreated and lost a large part of its audience, and therefore advertisers abandoned it.”

Al-Qudah affirmed, “The representatives of the Social Security Corporation in the Board of Directors of Al-Rai caused corruption in the management of the newspaper, and there is a member of them who forced the administration to involve him and his family with health insurance at the expense of the employees. .

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