“Scan the barcode and know our history” .. Alaa has combined technology with fashion to stimulate tourism

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“aScan the barcode and know our history.” In this way, Alaa El-Sheshtawy mixed between fashion and technology and her love for Egypt and the Pharaonic civilization, after she designed an elegant dress equipped with a barcode, and when scanning the barcode, information about Pharaonic civilization The history of ancient Egypt.

Alaa El-Shishtawy said in her interview with “The Seventh Day”: “Design was my graduation project at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department of Clothing and Fashion. The design is a dress, but with a QR code that carries all the information about the pharaonic history and the information that any tourist is looking for.

Technology tearing with fashion

And she explains: “The code is in the sleeve of the dress, and through it the tourist performs a scan or scan with the barcode reader available on each smartphone, and within seconds, links to information appear in more than one language, at which time he chooses the appropriate language for his country, and the code includes data for 22 of the mummies that were transferred to the National Museum of Civilization. I was keen that the data were also supported by pictures and the history of each of them.

Code details

And she continued: “I refused to be satisfied with the history of the mummies, but I was able to include complete data about the tourist places in Egypt, whether they are museums or archaeological places, and every place is present in every detail through tickets and address at the time of the visit. Of course, this step is important and helps the tourist to have time to make a tourist program during the visit.” Today, while he is in his place, he can visit the place alone or he and his family without a tour guide.

Pharaonic work

Pharaonic dress design helps stimulate tourism
Pharaonic dress design helps stimulate tourism
pharaonic innovation
pharaonic innovation
Alaa Elsheshtawy
Alaa Elsheshtawy
pharaonic dress
pharaonic dress


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