From clips to extra shelves.. Your guide to smart utilization of your small kitchen space

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The kitchen is one of the most places where women spend their time, and it is almost the most important room in the house, so organizing and arranging its shape is necessary to help them easily access the tools in it, and the small kitchen is one of the most problems that some women face in their homes, as they find themselves unable to You can organize it or arrange its decor in an elegant way and exploit every corner in it, so that you do not need to put kitchen supplies outside it because of its small size.

Use nails to hang

Clever use of your small kitchen space

First of all, “hangers, clips and magnets” are all you need to deal with your kitchen utensils and to hang what you can in order to save the largest amount of space, to store what you can’t hang, you can take advantage of the presence of a table to put whatever electrical appliances you want on it such as blenders, onion choppers, and you can install strainers Iron bottom to filter glass cups and that also save space and the bottom of hanging tools.

Additional shelves

Kitchen decorations in 2021 are the first thing that any bride looks for as soon as she thinks about coordinating the decor of the marital nest, and because small spaces put her in trouble, you can take advantage of the additional shelves to store more tools, as youIt allowed her to put more dishes in the cupboards, but with a careful arrangement to take advantage of all the spaces.

Extra shelves
Extra shelves

Exploiting angles

Clever use of angles
Clever use of angles

Neglecting the corners in the corners is a common mistake when designing kitchen decor. The smart use of the corners of your kitchen gives you a great advantage, enabling you to place what is difficult to store due to its small space, but in a tight arrangement that preserves the overall shape and space at the same time.

Boxes for rarely used items
Boxes for rarely used items

And because the decor of the kitchen has changed over time, you can use every corner inside it without damaging its external appearance and in a more organized way, and you can also take advantage of empty boxes to put rarely used things and keep them outside the kitchen or above.

And if you want, you can add shelves above the closed cabinets, and divide them according to your desire to put stylized dishes because they are open shelves to preserve as much as possible the decor of your kitchen and coordinate its colors and decor. You can separate these shelves with nice decorations that also fit the colors and basic kitchen decor.


Put the pans in order

You can also use one of the closed drawers to place a reinforced wooden organizer on which the pans are attached according to their size in order, and this allows you to use the space under the hanging pans to place what you want from other utensils that cannot be hung.

optimum storage

There are things that we can use more than one use, such as the copper holder for paper, which we can hang in one of the places in the kitchen or one of the closed shelves, for example, to put in it a roll “garbage bags, foil paper rolls, and plastic bag rolls.”

“Spaces You Never Thought”

There are spaces that can be exploited that do not even occur to the mind of the lady of the house, for example, the empty space under the sink. You can install a plastic pipe so as not to be damaged by water, to hang all the cleaning tools on it to get rid of occupying a large space in other places in your kitchen, and it cannot be dispensed with because it is one of the necessities your kitchen.

Detergent storage

dish dryer

You can also save more space by placing a dish drainer by attaching it to the wall.

wooden cutting boards
wooden cutting boards


Metal hangers and use them for storage

You can use bathroom hangers for things other than hanging towels. In one corner of your kitchen, put this hanger and then put hooks on it to hang small pans and coffee mugs.

Metal tape to hold sharp tools

Drawers are places for storage, but we can take out sharp tools from them and just put the forks and hangers on them in an orderly manner by using the ready-made drawer organizer, and sharp tools we hang a metal bar next to the sink and put sharp tools on it in an elegant way that preserves the kitchen decor and its space at the same time.

spice storage

One of the things that occupy space inside the kitchen shelves is the spice containers. We can use the same tape to keep them by placing them in metal containers so that they can stick, so we keep them in a longitudinal shape that saves a lot of occupied space.

Exploitation of marbles

Shelves of different shapes and sizes help you in this case. Try to use the spaces to make shelves that help you keep and arrange a larger number of things, and try to use the marbles to divide them by placing shelves above them to exploit the spaces.

wooden table

The folding wooden table is your best friend in a small space, as it does not take up space and performs the required purpose, and you can choose it wooden and put it away from water so as not to be damaged.

The interior parts of the shelves

Some believe that only the internal shelves can be used in the closet, on the contrary, you can exploit the inner part of the door of the closet by dividing it with wooden organizations according to its areas to use it to put the things you need.

hollow wooden shelves


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