A magical solution to treat dandruff.. Know the benefits of tea tree oil for hair and skin “video”

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Tea tree oil has many benefits for hair and skin, as it is a natural antidote to any bacterial infection, such as dandruff, which is what many people suffer from, especially in the winter, which makes them resort to using some of the products that lead to dry hair and thus breakage and fragility, as explained by Dr. Rajaa Magdy, the assistant teacher at the Faculty of Pharmacy and an expert in skin and hair care, in a video for “Youm7 TV”, the benefits and uses of tea tree oil.

How to use tea tree oil for hair:

The hair care expert explained that it is possible to treat dandruff by placing ten drops of tea tree oil on the used shampoo, mixing well and then massaging it into the scalp.

Tea tree oil benefits

The care expert added that there is another recipe whose main components include tea tree oil and helps moisturize and soften hair and get rid of split ends. The components of this recipe are ten points of tea tree oil and two tablespoons of coconut oil, and the way to use it is by mixing oils well and then doing a scalp massage. Using it to stimulate blood circulation and get rid of hair spaces.

How to use tea tree oil for skin

Tea tree oil for the skin is considered a magic solution for owners of oily skin, as it works to permanently get rid of fat in the skin, and there are two ways to use tea tree oil, the first is to put a point of it on pimples before bed and remove it in the morning, and the second way is to make a toner yourself at home, By mixing a cup of water and ten drops of tea tree oil and used twice a day after washing, and then kept in the refrigerator, this tension helps to get rid of internal fats, and reduce the appearance of pimples again.

She added that it is possible to make a lotion with tea tree oil, using half a cup of water with ten drops of the same oil.

The care expert added that tea tree oil can also be used to get rid of white spots that appear on athletes’ feet, by applying it directly to it.

Skin care

tea tree oil
tea tree oil

tea tree
tea tree


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