5 Unconventional Gift Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day… “Voucher or First Flower”

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The exchange of gifts is one of the most prominent rituals of celebrating Valentine’s Day, and it is the most prominent thing that occupies the minds of lovers from now until Valentine’s Day. We find gift shops crowded with girls and young people looking for everything new in the world of gifts, but the non-traditional gift always remains the best, so it reviews ” The Seventh Day” with Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations, offers several ideas for unconventional gifts that carry a deep romantic meaning that can be presented on Valentine’s Day.

first rose:

We can present the first flower that was presented to you from the other party, after turning it into a piece of art using resin or glass materials, or enclosing it inside an elegant frame that commemorates the first flower between you.

Purchase Coupon:

The lover can gift his girlfriend a voucher for a certain amount according to the ability, and it can be from a brand that you prefer to deal with on a permanent basis to buy what you like, especially since shopping is one of the things that make girls happy.

Favorite song:

We always find that there is a romantic song for each cable they listen to to remember some beautiful memories so the idea of ​​this gift is to print the sound waves of the song and draw it in a cube of clear glass and you can hear it through any smart phone by swiping its barcode.

Subscribe to an online viewing platform:

One of the new and different gifts is to offer a subscription to one of the electronic viewing platforms. It is considered an unconventional gift. It is a beautiful and enthusiastic gift for fans of watching new movies or football matches.

Handmade collectibles:

Any piece that is made by hand is actually made with love. The lover puts his feelings and heart in it and imagines the details of the life partner and always imagines his image with it and how he uses it and how happy he is with it.

Various gift ideas
Valentine's Day gifts
Valentine’s Day gifts

making a song
making a song


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