5 plants that can be grown at home with minimal effort.. they do not need extra care

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Plants are considered one of the most important sources of air purification besides the joy they bring to the house, especially if they are planted in the house. Cultivating them at home for fear of not being able to take care of them as they should be, “The Seventh Day” reviews a group of plants that can be grown at home without fear, according to the website thespruce As follows:

rex begonia flower

One of the plants that will change your view of houseplants, as it is distinguished by its distinctive color and cohesive leaves, this flower does not need strong light and abundant water, and this is what makes the house a suitable environment for living in it safely without effort from anyone.

Orchid flower:

The orchid is characterized as a flower that loves to live in a moderate environment, and the atmosphere of the house is the best environment for it, and its colors bring the energy of sustenance and comfort to the house and those around it.


The philodendron, or love flower, is an inexpensive plant, but when you buy it, the planting should be straight green, and solid enough.

Spider Plant:

The “spider plant” is one of the well-known plants for indoor cultivation, and the spider plant was a popular model for houseplants in the seventies of the last century, and you can bring this old look into your home, and it does not need much water, and it adapts to lighting conditions (including Artificial lighting, such as lampshades and light bulbs, can help fill hard-to-decorate corner spaces in your home.

Jade Plant:

Jade plant is a small plant that is easy to grow at home, and it brings luck, professional and emotional prosperity and friendship according to energetics.


spider plant
spider plant

house plants
house plants


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