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When does daylight saving time start in Jordan?

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publish date 2022-02-06 15:55:48

Compass – It is expected that summer time will begin in Jordan this year, starting at dawn on Friday (25th February), by advancing the clock by 60 minutes at 12 midnight, according to the amendment approved by the Council of Ministers.

Summer time will continue for this year (2022), approximately 8 months, until work returns to winter time, by delaying the clock by 60 minutes, starting from midnight on Thursday (27 October).

The switch between the summer and winter time systems comes in implementation of the Cabinet decision taken in 2013, which stipulates that winter time will start working on the last Friday in October of each year.

Daylight saving time is the change of official time in a country or governorate twice a year and for a period of several months each year. The official clocks are reset at the beginning of spring, when the hands of the clock are set back sixty minutes. As for the return to normal time, i.e. winter time, it takes place in the autumn season. The goal of increasing an hour to the official time is to make working hours and other public activities earlier, in order to get more time during the daylight hours, which gradually increase from the beginning of spring until the height of summer, and decrease from this date until the height of winter.

The phenomenon of increasing daylight hours in the spring and summer seasons and decreasing them in the fall and winter stems from the tilt of the Earth’s axis of rotation by 23.4 degrees compared to the plane of its path around the sun. The difference between the length of the day in the summer and its length in the winter gradually increases in proportion to the distance of the site from the equator, as it is noticed that the daylight hours in tropical countries hardly increase and do not need summer time, while its usefulness increases with the distance from the line.

The American Benjamin Franklin was the first to put forward the idea of ​​daylight saving time in 1784, but the idea did not appear serious until the beginning of the twentieth century, when it was put forward again by the British William Willt, who made efforts to promote it. His efforts ended with a bill debated and rejected by the British Parliament in 1909. The idea of ​​daylight saving time was first realized during World War I, when conditions in warring countries forced new ways to conserve energy. Germany was the first country to introduce daylight saving time, and Britain soon followed suit.

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