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Samara: Job Opportunities for Jordanian Engineers in Nigeria

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publish date 2022-02-05 20:41:04

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The captain of the Jordanian Engineers Syndicate, Ahmed Samara Al-Zoubi, announced today, Saturday, the provision of job opportunities for Jordanian engineers in Nigeria, after coordination was established between the union and its Nigerian counterpart in this regard.

For his part, the Nigerian Ambassador in Amman Farouk Malami Yabo said that the Nigerian market is promising for Jordanian engineers of all electrical, civil, chemical and mechanical specializations.

During his participation in the Young Engineers Conference, which started today in the presence of the Nigerian ambassador, Al-Zoubi said, “Nigeria is a country with a very large economy, and it needs Jordanian engineers and investors, and that is why the union worked over the past year to open and weave relationships to facilitate the work of Jordanian engineers, especially young people in this country.” The friend whose ambassador informed us of her welcome and readiness to receive Jordanian engineers.”

He stressed that the Engineers’ Syndicate “cooperates and coordinates with the ambassador and with the Nigerian Engineers Syndicate to open job opportunities for Jordanian engineers in Nigeria.”

Al-Zoubi indicated that he had received an invitation to visit Nigeria next month to sign an agreement with the Engineers Syndicate and the Nigerian Engineering Federation and to attend the coronation ceremony of the new captain of engineers.

He said: “We in the Engineers Syndicate have emphasized more than once that we will dig into the rock to employ engineers and open new and unconventional markets, and we will also work to remove any complications in the traditional markets for Jordanian engineers (…) We will not stop until we provide more and more job opportunities for our Jordanian engineers who They set an example with their efficiency and outstanding capabilities.”

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