If your husband is suspicious and wants to see you.. 6 important tips to deal with him without losses

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“Josie along Pedro and Raya, and put the follow-up feature, put cameras in the house, he doesn’t believe me, and you are skeptical about daytime.” Therefore, the seventh day reviews with Amira Albert, an expert in family relations, important ways to deal with a suspicious man.

Knowing the truth if the man is suspicious by nature or reaction:

The family relations expert told The Seventh Day, “I must differentiate at the outset whether he is suspicious by nature, or is this a reaction to his actions, and to differentiate there are indications for that, if the husband is suspicious by nature, you will find that the husband talks to you like investigators all the time, surrounding you with endless questions such as interrogation aimlessly and without suspicious actions, always pointing an accusing finger at you without a clear reason or a specific situation occurring.

speak frankly:

When you get an answer, you will need to talk to him frankly and clearly about your painful feelings as a result of this method without accusations, blaming or entering into sharp discussions because the goal is to fix the matter and not exaggerate it and reach new differences, but it is necessary to seek solutions that satisfy all parties.

Going to a psychiatrist:

If there is no response, it is better to convince him to go to a doctor or seek the help of a trusted person to convince him, because here suspicion will be a psychological disease that has a negative impact on him and those around him, because it is often not limited to the family only, but may extend to different aspects of life.

Tips for dealing with doubt as a reaction:

The family relations expert says if doubt is a reaction to a specific situation or event, there are several ways to deal with it without losses:

Talk to yourself first:

Before you talk to him about the subject of doubt, you need to talk to yourself first and prepare yourself internally for dialogue with him, so you are completely calm inside, your thoughts are organized and purposeful, your words are carefully selected without attack or accusations, choose the appropriate time and place for dialogue, train yourself to listen to him and the motives of his behavior and do not deviate from The main goal of dialogue with him is to restore confidence in him and not to defend yourself, because desperate defense may confirm his suspicions more than reduce them.

Dialogue is the master of the situation:

After your internal preparation and arranging your thoughts, the next step is to dialogue with him frankly and directly about what is bothering you, and leave him the opportunity to express his thoughts and the reasons behind his realistic behavior. This matter is not easy and requires mature parties who have the ability to dialogue and reach solutions. Or one of the parties to the relationship and it will have a negative impact on the children. It must always be emphasized that the continuity and success of married life is based on trust and understanding.

Use your wits to block the door from which the wind of doubt comes:

If your husband expresses what annoys him and causes him feelings of jealousy, even if it is indirectly, then your intelligence is that you stay away from the talk or the act that raises him doubt. For example, if you talk about certain people, praise them, or compare them to them and find him uncomfortable to talk or to people, then in turn, do not talk about them again This does not mean hiding the details of your life from him, because marital fidelity is necessary, but out of respect for his feelings, he closed the door from which the wind of doubt came.

Make your husband feel you care:

It is important to realize that the husband is your partner and the basis of your marital relationship and comes to the fore before the children. The journey started with him and continues with him and ends with him. As for the children, they are the children of the free life. They will grow up and go, whether for study, work or marriage. Make your husband feel that you care and that his presence is important to you and not marginal. Some husbands doubt their wives’ love for them as a result of their concern, and this makes them feel angry about the simplest things.

Ways to deal with your husband

Correct handling of a suspicious husband
Correct handling of a suspicious husband

Tips for dealing with a suspicious husband
Tips for dealing with a suspicious husband


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