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Karak.. Hamidi Mosque, an Ottoman landmark from the nation’s memory and history (witness)

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publish date 2022-02-05 16:12:00

The Compass – Near the historical castle and the old government departments complex, is the Hamidi Mosque, which was built in the city of Karak in 1892 as a religious landmark from the nation’s memory and history according to the Islamic architectural style.
This mosque was built during the days of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II and was named after him, which is located near the old Saraya building, the castle and the prison, by the Mutasarrif of Karak (Hilmi Pasha).

The researcher, Nayef Al-Nawaisah, said that the Hamidi Mosque was attached to the old Ottoman palaces adjacent to it, which were removed within the plans of successive tourism projects on the city and rehabilitated for tourism purposes. He added that the mosque was built according to the Islamic architectural style at the end of the Ottoman period and in a similar way to some mosques in the city of Aleppo in Syria, to be a mosque for the Ottoman government administration employees and citizens.

He pointed out that the mosque still preserves its Islamic architectural form and character and the structure on which it was built, despite its old architecture, preserving its cultural heritage. the years. For his part, Dr. Azzam Al-Shamayleh of the Karak Endowment Directorate indicated that the mosque, which currently accommodates about 600 worshipers, consists of one prayer hall with an area of ​​180 square meters and service facilities. Its outer walls were built of solid stone, while its roof was built of steel bridges and cement concrete to replace The former straw and mud, pointing to the keenness of the Ministry of Awqaf to continue the restoration and maintenance of the mosque during the operations of the first tourism project in the city, as it is an important historical and Islamic heritage.

He added that due to the specificity of the Al-Hamidi Mosque, its age and small area, and its location in a tourist area, it has become a destination for visitors and tourists from outside and inside the city to see its ancient architecture and to perform prayers in it.
He stressed that the mosque is witnessing great interest from the Ministry of Islamic Endowments through its sponsorship by providing imams and preachers and providing various necessary service facilities in proportion to the history of the mosque and its religious and civilizational status.


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