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Food and Drug Administration: side effects of the anti-coronavirus Baxolvid tablets

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publish date 2022-02-04 20:10:36

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Today, Friday, the Food and Drug Administration confirmed that the “Paxlovid” anti-coronavirus tablets are not a substitute for receiving the Corona vaccine.

After granting the emergency leave to use the tablets produced by the “Pfizer” company, the Director-General of the Foundation, Nizar Mhaidat, said that the tablets do not replace receiving the vaccine, expecting the private sector to contribute to providing the tablets.

Mahadat explained that the emergency leave is given to materials manufactured in a hurry to ward off disease risks during an emergency situation, and is given after studying the necessary clinical files that confirm the safety and efficacy of the product.

And he indicated that the files submitted for the purposes of registration for emergency use are up-to-date with the clinical files (the third stage), and therefore all the studies required to confirm safety have been conducted and submitted by the manufacturer.

Mohidat continued: “The clinical stages of the studies are 4 stages, and the third stage is the last before marketing, and the fourth stage is after marketing, and therefore studies that confirm the safety of the product are duly presented.”

He pointed out that another company is waiting to present the same pharmaceutical form of anti-virus tablets, and these tablets are given orally, and there are tablets that contain two active substances that are used in certain doses for light and medium cases of corona infections, and “given to adults and they have adopted the age over 12 years if the weight is Not less than 40 kg”, as the weight is a necessary factor to give these tablets.

Mohidat added: These tablets do not replace the vaccine, and they are anti-viral tablets that specifically include the Corona virus, and there may be expected side effects that occur with any antiviral such as diarrhea and vomiting.

And he indicated that “among the side effects of tablets, according to clinical studies, there are very few subjects who had a loss of taste for a short period.” (The kingdom)

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