Russian doctor refutes myths about cholesterol

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publish date 2022-02-04 09:24:36

There are many myths about the effect of cholesterol on human health. But do they all reflect reality?

Dr. Tatiana Shapovalova points out that cardiovascular diseases are at the top of the list of deaths in the world. And that myocardial infarction or stroke does not occur overnight, but begins with a disorder of fat metabolism, after the accumulation of plaques that cause atherosclerosis, and symptoms of cardiovascular disease appear. Many believe that cholesterol is the cause of the buildup of these plaques in the blood vessels. But according to her this is not true.

“Cholesterol is very essential to our life,” she says. “It is an important substance for the production of many hormones, such as estrogen.”

She adds, cholesterol is essential for muscle strengthening, insulin production, and immune system support. That is, the “good” cholesterol should be separated from the “bad” cholesterol. Therefore, it is not possible to rely on the general level of cholesterol in determining the health status.

The doctor points out that in the event of a defect in the metabolism of fats or the discovery of low-density lipoproteins, their level should be reduced, with the help of the diet prescribed by the doctor and the exercise of specific physical activity.

“Only in the case of a malignant tumor and the cholesterol level is not low should medications be used for treatment,” she says.

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