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Artist and nurse Chloe Slevin put up a painting, her third work inspired by the Corona virus pandemic, for sale at auction. Corona Lisa.

Sky News indicated that the money raised will go to LauraLynnthe only child care home in the Republic of Ireland.

The artist, 21, who is also a third-year nursing student at University College Dublin, said she drew inspiration from her experience while working in the pediatric emergency ward.

Corona Lisa

She told Sky News: “I have been taking pictures of classic paintings over the past few years and putting my touches on them, which I have adapted to fit our lives now,” noting the touches I put on the painting to express the need to constantly wear personal protective equipment while working..

The artist with the painting
The artist with the painting

“Corona Lisa” is the student’s latest work, in which she recreates a masterpiece from the Renaissance with the development of the Corona virus, while she previously painted the painting “Creating Adam” by Michelangelo, where the outstretched hands were decorated with surgical gloves, and the piece was sold for 520 euros and the proceeds were handed over to an ambulance service Children’s Bumbleance.

Slevin also recreated Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and her work “Girl with a Surgical Mask”, and raised €400 for the Feed the Heroes charity. The last date for auctioning “Corona Lisa” was Thursday, February 3, when It has already surpassed the €520 I raised by reimagining Michelangelo’s work.


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