Corona kidnaps the director of the “Hooligans School”

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publish date 2022-02-04 13:50:57

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The great artist and director Jalal Al-Sharqawi left our world in the early hours of Friday morning at the age of 87, due to the repercussions of his infection with the new Corona virus, which was subsequently transferred to intensive care in a hospital, his daughter, actress Abeer Al-Sharqawi, announced on her Facebook page.

The daughter of the great director, Abeer Al-Sharqawi, said that his funeral will take place from the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque after Friday prayers, and that the burial will take place in the family cemetery, while the date of the funeral has not been set.

Al-Sharqawi directed a large number of successful plays, including those that were shown for long periods on the Egyptian theater, such as “Dustour Ya Our Masters”, “Atiya Al Terrorism” and “The Story of the Western Neighborhood”. He also participated in acting in some artistic works.

Among his most famous productions is the play “The School of the Rioters”, which achieved resounding success.

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