Before Valentine’s Day..why do you need to write a love letter for yourself and not forget the attention of anyone?

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Most people care about the opinions of their loved ones, especially with the celebration of Valentine’s Day approaching, which stands in the way of them not having the opportunity to get a lover and a life partner, but in this matter there is also a benefit because it allows the single person to think about his life and rearrange his priorities again, to make the appropriate decisions. He also takes care of himself by writing a letter of love and support for her, and this is what the human relations expert, Dr. Hala Al-Azab advised in her talk to “The Seventh Day”, where she said that there are some wonderful benefits to writing a letter to yourself, whether it is a message of love, support or just Talk about what you wish in your mind and heart as follows:

First, the feeling of gratitude

The human relations expert said that there are some reasons why you should write a letter to yourself in the future, as this increases your feeling of gratitude, develops your awareness of what you need, increases the ability and pursues your desires in the future, faster and with unexpected determination.

Second: see yourself

The human relations expert explained that the benefit of writing letters to oneself helps in the future to see yourself in a completely new way, while discovering and supporting strengths, weaknesses and avoiding them. Also, writing letters is an important measure for setting goals, in addition to showing your destiny and creating your future well.

Third: Determine the form of the life partner

And the human relations expert added that writing letters, especially love letters, can determine the shape of your relationship with a life partner in the future, and what you need in your relationship with him, which may result in a person not accepting less than he deserves and increasing his aspirations in choosing his life partner.

A Love Letter
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