Before the match between Egypt and Cameroon.. the most famous traditional clothes for men and women in Cameroon

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Today, the Egyptian national team faces Cameroon in one of the matches of the African Nations Cup. Cameroon is distinguished by its different clothes from the rest of the countries, but it also differs from one region to another according to religion, tribal heritage, climate, customs and beliefs that affect in one way or another the material, shape and design of clothing, and the seventh day is reviewed according to site “cameron-todayThe forms of traditional clothing and costumes in the State of Cameroon are as follows:

Forms of clothing in Cameroon:

Women’s clothing in Cameroon:

The streets of rural Cameroon feature women wearing a backpack to carry their children on their back to protect their heads from the sweltering temperatures in the summer or to warm their heads from the rain in the winter.

Cameroon men’s clothing:

In the villages, Cameroonian men and women wear more traditional dresses, while men in the cities prefer to wear a scarf around their bodies, similar to dresses in African-European attire.

Names of traditional clothes in Cameroon:

Kabba costume:

There are some costumes in the kamuni uniform, including the “kappa”, which is a single piece of women’s clothing flowing freely from the neck at the shoulder to the knee and below.


As for the “bonbon”, it is a men’s clothing, and it consists of four pieces consisting of an inner garment, an outer garment with large pockets, trousers and a head cover.


The “foulard” is a hat worn by elderly women, and is considered an important piece of clothing for older women in Cameroon.


The ‘Jant’ is a complete piece of clothing worn by both males and females as part of the cultural heritage of Cameroon distinguished by its cheerful colors and distinctive texture.

The traditional dress of Cameroon



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