An American family designed a $2,500 aquarium for their cat to live in the sea. Video

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Pet fanciers are keen to pamper them, whether by buying the most delicious and most expensive foods for them, or by providing toys that help them feel entertained and entertained, but Melissa and her husband Brian Krieger decided to pamper their Siamese cat “Jasper”, in a special way, as they designed an aquarium specifically for him at an amount of 1800 pounds, They assigned 53-year-old Jason Hering, who works as a fish supplier, with this task, so that the cat could watch the fish swimming, according to the British newspaper “Metro” website.

Aquarium video has more than 10 million likes

Melissa, a mother of four, shared a video she recorded of the cat watching the aquarium, and posted it on her Facebook page, and it won the likes of more than 10 million viewers, and the wife indicated that she paid Jason $2,500 (1,800 pounds) to build 125-gallon tank, which she says is a small amount to keep your cat happy.

Melissa, from Cincinnati, USA, expressed her cat’s happiness with the aquarium: “It’s great to see him so happy because you have to activate his brain. It was definitely worth the money... You spend a lot on TV and it’s like cat TV, as soon as we feed the fish, it comes running. He is living the dream.”

“Once the new tank was installed, it took Jasper some time to get used to the new tank, before curiosity overcame him,” she added. And I think the idea of ​​having water around him was different, so it took about a month and then he was brave and tried it.. He’s more curious than our other cats.”.

Fish enthusiast Melissa lives with two dogs, four cats, husband Brian Krieger, 54, and their children Adam, 22, Hayden, 16, and Abigail and Hannah, 20.

This 4-foot by 2.5-foot saltwater tank includes parrotfish, angelfish, and sea catfish, among other tropical fish.

cat in front of the aquarium
The cat in the fish tank
The cat in the fish tank
Never seen an aquarium
Never seen an aquarium


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