4 tricks to get a clean laundry free of stains and wrinkles.. the most prominent ice and vanilla

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“Stains, wrinkle, shrinkage, color interference” and more problems that many women face when washing clothes, the housewife may use a lot of detergents that may be harmful to clothes, and their results are not guaranteed, which makes many ask questions on social networking sites to get suggestions , but it does not work to a large extent, which are mostly natural products, available in your kitchen, including vinegar, baking soda and pieces of ice.the spruceSome of the proven solutions for a problem-free washing are as follows:

First: white vinegar

The use of white vinegar has many benefits, including it helps the housewife in eliminating stains, by adding one cup of vinegar to remove the detergent residues accumulated on the fabrics and make them faded and have impurities.

One cup of vinegar also helps in a rinsing cycle and gets rid of mold and body odor from clothes, and makes the item of clothing fresher and cleaner than usual.

Second: bicarbonate of soda

The use of baking soda bicarbonate helps remove unpleasant odors, enhances the performance of laundry products, helps soften fabrics, and cleans white clothes and makes them whiter.

Third: cutting ice

The advantage of using ice is to remove wrinkles and wrinkles in clothes, as it is recommended after the completion of washing to put a cup of ice on the piece of clothing to be straightened and to run the press, you will be greatly impressed by the result.

Fourth: vanilla

As for the vanilla, it is recommended to add a spoon during the rinsing cycle to give your clothes a beautiful scent, in addition to eliminating the dirt that was stuck even though the piece of clothing was washed with detergents, and it can be replaced with a cup of rose water.

Washing machine
Washing machine


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