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Ola Al-Faris was poisoned and miraculously escaped death (video and photos)

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publish date 2022-02-04 11:44:11

Jordan News

Jordanian media, Ola Al-Faris, revealed that she was exposed to a poisoning that almost killed her, saying that she “survived death.”

This came in a photo that Al-Fares published on her official account on “Instagram”, with an intravenous syringe in her hand.

The following is the text of what Al-Fares wrote on “Instagram”:

“I wanted to write to you about the horrific moments we lived in the last period, but I want to share them because I feel that I must advise you.

For years, I have eaten food sometimes that is not cooked, such as types of sushi or shimmy.. oysters and some meats such as kibbeh niya and so on.

What happened is that in Switzerland I ate uncooked “oysters” .. After hours I felt that I was not normal, I could not breathe, and I had paralysis in my hands and things that cannot be described, and I kept getting older because I did not want to worry my husband and say, “What is this girl?” Strange nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and things that are difficult to explain.. I grew up and tried to sleep. I said it could be a whiff of air, maybe and maybe.. My condition got very bad and my temperature was between 39 and 40 I almost died..

The important thing is that we arrived at the hospital, and the first shock was that they left us at the door because Corona was forbidden to miss before the examination and its result, and every time that passed, “I can’t find a description.” And the world is half a night like a ghost town. A card and signs papers allowing them to withdraw any amount.. and at that time I felt life is unjust and wicked, and all the slogans of humanity are a lie. My uncle saved me. Ok… the important thing is that they made an admission and prevented my husband from entering anywhere in the hospital.. on the pretext of Corona procedures

For the first time, I felt tired, lonely and alienated, and the situation was very difficult for me

Away from the details, fatigue, low pressure, and movies that happened to me, thank God, my condition stabilized after a lot of trouble. The doctor said that I survived a certain death due to poisoning, especially since this is the most difficult type of poisoning and many people lost their lives because of it.. Unfortunately, it spread throughout my body because I decided to be big and give my body a chance to resist.

Accordingly, I lived the ugliest 10 days until the water I could not drink, and I lost my weight, my vitality, and my health shriveled.. However, my psyche was destroyed, especially all I remember how the world became because of Corona and its cruelty. And no one feels anything.

Praise be to God, I have passed this stage, but for now I am treating and fighting the remaining symptoms and my advice is from someone who was a thinker, an expert in dealing with poisoning.. Please do not be deceived by restaurants and names. It is not normal, immediately go to the hospital, whether you or anyone you know..because it is poisoning. If your body is not capable of it, your life may be threatened or the life of those you love..don’t say anything hot, no father ships or milk, I run to the hospital..

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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