The third day to save the child Ryan.. The operation is entering the most dangerous stage (video)

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publish date 2022-02-04 10:52:15

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The operation to rescue the Moroccan child Rayan, which has become a workforce of millions inside and outside Morocco, has entered its third day, and it appears that it is in its final stage.

The story began when the child Rayan fell into a deep well 62 meters deep, in the village of Agran in the Chefchaouen province, in northern Morocco.

Moroccan media said that the child Rayan fell into the well, in the absence of his parents, on Wednesday morning.

Since that time, attempts have been made to save the child, who is 5 years old and still alive.

The Moroccan authorities assert that there are only a few meters between her and the child.

The head of the Public Affairs Department of the Prefecture of Chefchaouen, Abdelhadi Al-Tamrani, said that the excavation operations are carried out with great caution, for fear of a backfill that could lead to a catastrophe.

Relief teams were able to “deliver water and oxygen through tubes to the stranded child,” a source in the local authorities told MAP earlier Thursday.

The Royal Gendarmerie has also prepared a medical helicopter, preparing to transport the child to a nearby hospital once he is removed from the hole, according to Public Channel Two.

“We are close to saving him, God willing,” said Moroccan government spokesman, Mustafa Baitas, during his weekly press conference on Thursday, noting that “all medical facilities are ready on the spot to accompany him until he is transferred to the hospital.”

The operation began on Wednesday morning, “and five mechanisms were used to dig parallel to the water hole,” a source in the local authorities confirmed to the Moroccan News Agency, stressing that “it did not stop (…) in the hope of saving the child alive.”

For his part, Baitas explained, on Thursday, that the relief operation faced many difficulties due to the nature of the soil and the gathering of citizens around the site of the accident, calling on them to facilitate the rescuers’ task.

The accident sparked widespread interest on social media and a great anticipation for rescue operations, as the “Save Ryan” hashtag topped the list of the most discussed topics in Morocco on Twitter Thursday.

Many local websites broadcast the facts of the rescue operation in live videos, followed by hundreds of thousands of viewers, amid hopes for a pleasant end.

Some celebrities joined the solidarity campaign on social media, including Moroccan football star Ashraf Hakimi and Algerian national team star Riyad Mahrez, who expressed their hope to save Rayan in two posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Spain witnessed a similar accident in 2019, when a two-year-old child accidentally fell into a well, but it ended in a tragic end by finding him dead after 13 days of research, causing great grief in the country.

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