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publish date 2022-02-03 00:58:07

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The specialist in cardiovascular diseases, vascular catheterization and networks, Dr. Amr Saeed Rashid, mentioned modern treatments for the problem of weak heart muscle.

In a post on his Facebook page, Rashid wrote that recently, some modern treatments have appeared that have radically changed the treatment of heart muscle weakness, and “many people wonder if these treatments are based on strengthening the heart muscle and the extent of their advice.”

And he indicated that “the aforementioned modern treatment belongs to one of the pressure treatments, to which is added a new effective formula based on reducing the effort exerted on the heart muscle, and this combination is sacubitril/valsartan. It also helps in effective diuresis.”

Rashid pointed out that “scientific studies have proven that this treatment reduces fluid congestion in the body very effectively, as it reduces the frequency of admission to hospital with cases of fluid congestion and enables many patients to return to their normal lives.”

He continued, “Many people ask if this treatment leads to an improvement and increase in the strength of the heart muscle, and we answer that this depends originally on the cause of weakness and on the nature of the weak heart muscle, and some studies showed that this treatment may benefit increasing muscle strength in the long run.” .

Rashid said, “The other treatment is from the family of treatments that regulate the heartbeat, and it is from the ivabradin family, which helps relieve congestion symptoms as well, but its efficiency is less than the first treatment.”

He stressed that “these treatments are only dispensed under the supervision of a specialized cardiologist, after studying the severity of weakness, and after reviewing kidney and blood pressure tests.”

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