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During this period, the world celebrates the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2022, which begins on the first of February, which represents the time of zero or the time of stillness in the movement of the universe according to energy science, that is, it is the appropriate time to make decisions, start establishing new projects, earn money and make a different beginning for people to They enjoy prosperity throughout the year, as it is the real zero month and the time to enter the real new year, according to what the energy developer, Dr. Maha Al-Attar, said in her speech in a special video for “The Seventh Day TV”, where she provides a detailed definition of the zero time along with many tips before the approaching zero time So that we can take advantage of this period as follows:

Definition of zero time:

The energy developer said, “Zero time is the time of stillness in the movement of the universe so that the movements of living organisms, including humans, can be recorded, written and repeated throughout the year, and the world will witness during the coming days the beginning of the month of zero, that is, the month of recording and monitoring events according to Chinese celebrations.”

Great opportunity for travel lovers:

But if you love to travel and travel in zero time is the most appropriate time to repeat your trips during the year without stopping, then make your beginning in the Chinese year by setting out on a travel trip, so that it will be repeated during the year and become a traveler.

The energy developer emphasized that each of us has the power to direct his energy to what he loves and desires, and the theory of attraction works strongly to achieve wishes.

cleaning your house:

The start of the zero time period is from the date of January 18 and continues until January 30, as the energy developer explained that it continues until this period, and the movement of changes in the energy of the universe occurs during this period. The first thing to do is clean the house, imagining that the dirt that is removed are the things that You don’t want her in your life anymore like a job that doesn’t suit you, people you want to cut off your relationship with, personality flaws, and many more.

Finishing Old Homework:

And the energy developer stressed on taking care, with the beginning of zero time, on the need to close everything that you have overlooked and left hanging, such as paying your debts before February 3, getting rid of the financial burden on you, visiting family members and other due visits, or anything that causes an obstacle to you such as your relationship with people In your life, get rid of the negative person in your life, and do not think about him so that he does not appear to you again.


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