A Russian doctor warns against sleeping in socks and advises to warm the feet

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publish date 2022-02-02 09:14:28

Many people prefer to sleep wearing socks to warm the feet during this period, especially in the winter season, but this may cause a number of health problems for some of them.
In an interview with “Sputnik”, phlebologist Armen Avakian warned against this habit, at the same time suggesting a way to warm the feet.
The doctor said: “There is a certain group of people who have persistent cold feet. This occurs in adults with atherosclerosis of the lower extremities. With this disease, blood does not reach the legs. People with this disease are prevented from sleeping completely indoors. Socks Keep warm in an attempt to warm the feet at night. It reduces the blood supply, which leads to a decrease in the protective properties of the skin of the legs, and as a result, fungal infections may form and do not heal for a long time, and certainly prevent these people from sleeping in their socks.”
As for the second category that the doctor warned the owners of this habit, they are people who suffer from diabetes, because they often suffer from problems in the blood vessels.
And about the possibility of warming the feet before going to sleep, the doctor advised to take a hot shower for the feet.
He said: “There are some exercises that help warm the legs before going to bed. Take an contrast shower on the feet, using alternating hot and cold water. After one and a half to two minutes of this procedure, in 90% of people the legs are warm and they can go to sleep. comfortably”.

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