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The government is discussing with a British company to change the behavior of Jordanians in jobs

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publish date 2022-02-03 13:38:38

Compass – A news report on Radio Hayat revealed, on Thursday, that the Ministry of Labor is discussing with a British company on the issue of changing the behavioral pattern of Jordanian parents looking for work, by heading to the private sector, specifically the professional sector.

On the sidelines of the minister’s meeting with a Qatari delegation at the Ministry of Labor today, Thursday, Minister of Labor Nayef Istitieh said that there is no culture of shame in Jordan, stressing that what is present is a prevalent stereotyped behavior that hinders the growth of professional employment. The minister admitted that advertising campaigns for employment are no longer feasible.

Esteité added that the ministry is working to renew the identity of vocational training, from a vocational training institution to an academy that manages centers of excellence, whose name is associated with the state or the funded project, as an alternative to the name of training or professional employment.

He said that a profession book will be included, which will be entered for grades five to eight, with the aim of promoting professions.

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